Richard has been called "silkily malevolent," a "dark horse star" and a "truly towering presence," "masterful," "riveting," and "absolutely splendid," and played the sublime (Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Duncan in Macbeth), the ridiculous (Lord Percy Percy in Blackadder II, Hynes in Pajama Game), and the truly bizarre (Sam Byck in Assassins, Uncle Sam in an embarrassing series of political commercials).

From humble beginnings in Houston, he now happily inhabits the old world (Charles II in The Libertine/Bridge Rep), the new world (Abraham Lincoln in A Civil War Christmas and How Shakespeare Won the West/Huntington Theatre), the corporate world (Ralph Lowman in Catching On/Nevada Film Festival Best Short), and the other world (Hamm in Endgame/ART).

A thespian late bloomer (Boston Conservatory MFA and AEA/SAG-AFTRA membership in his late 40s), Richard first stepped onstage at Williams College and Oxford University, but also taught English in Japan as Tokyo’s tallest teacher, earned an Ivy-covered MBA, marketed Sierra Mist, shaving cream, and his soul in in the private sector, and made snow fall in Radio City Music Hall as marketing director for the Christmas Spectacular.

Richard just uprooted to New York after 15 years in Boston, and NYC casting directors often ask, “Why haven’t we met before?”  Better late than never.